Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable – Advancing the field of stroke research

By Karen Borschmann Building evidence-based treatments for rehabilitation is now recognised as a major global priority and this requires a coordinated effort at national and international levels. Approximately 60 leading stroke experts met at the first Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable (SRRR) in Philadelphia, USA,  in May this year. The goal of SRRR is to work [...]

Melbourne’s new Mobile CT unit to reduce time to receive clot busting medications

A new initiative in Melbourne is set to improve patients' recovery and reduce the amount of brain cell death after stroke by performing CT brain scans in ambulances in people's home driveways rather than in hospital, which will allow faster delivery of clot busting medication - tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). Read on for more:

Five minute research snapshot award winners

Congratulations to the CRE PhD students and postdocs who presented at the inaugural Five minute research snapshot competition on 9 September 2016. The presentations were entertaining, thought-provoking and interesting. Judges Erin Godecke and Michael Pollack found it too close to call, so our statistical expert Nadine Andrew provided an unbiased methodological approach to decide the winner. [...]

Rehabilitators assemble

A biomedical engineer, a physiotherapist, an exercise scientist, a neuroscientist yogi, and a biochemical engineer work into the night in their lab. They are experimenting with novel ways to integrate body, mind, and machine. They have come from across the globe to form a master team and start a revolution.     read more

Stroke Foundation grants awarded to CRE members

Erin Godecke, Kathryn Hayward and Andrew Bivard received Stroke Foundation grants for 2016. Erin and Kathryn received Future Leader grants. Andrew received a grant for his Morafinil in Debilitating fatigue after Stroke (MIDAS) project. The Stroke Foundation provided more than $312,000 to eleven Australian researchers, underpinning new research and supporting future leaders in stroke. Professor [...]

Professor Michael Nilsson comments on leadership

Professor Michael Nilsson was featured in 'Hunter Headline' and commented on leadership and creative thinking. Michael said: Growing up in the Swedish system with a team-orientated culture, I have always applied an inclusive leadership style. read more

CRE members receive Stroke Foundation grants

Congratulations to the following CRE members who received National Stroke Foundation grants

Congratulations to Liam Johnson 2016 Endeavour Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Liam Johnson. He has been awarded a 2016 Endeavour Research Fellowship. His destination is the USA.

How to be an ‘enthusiologist’ and change entire systems

Article from Womens Agenda