The CRE Clinical Trials streams intends to build the evidence base for stroke rehabilitation interventions and treatment environments through the conduct of world class trials.

Our team have embedded a phased approach to developing and conducting rehabilitation trials. New interventions move from phase I (exploratory, proof-of-principle) to phase II (safety and feasibility) and then onto phase III (efficacy trials, if indicated). Outcomes are measured at standard intervals and outcome measures are aligned. This approach improves trial quality and standardisation and enhances our capacity to test new questions on larger data sets.

Initiatives being undertaken in this stream of work include:

  • developing a common platform for clinical trials with sharing of procedures and resources.
  • transmitting the knowledge gained via trials networks and national training programs
  • using large data sets to inform future trials

This research is led by Julie Bernhardt and Paulette van Vliet.

AVERT (A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial)2216_Bernhardt-Logo-original

A Prospective Phase 3, multicentre, randomised controlled trial of efficacy (death and disability at 3 months) and cost effectiveness of very early rehabilitation (early and more frequent rehabilitation sessions) versus standard care (the rehabilitation care a patient would normally receive) in patients with acute stroke.

CRE Investigator: Prof Julie Bernhardt
Completed recruitment and 12 month follow up

A three armed, prospective multicentre randomised controlled speech therapy trial comparing usual care, usual care plus and Very Early Rehabilitation in Speech (VERSE) with blinded outcome assessment of the Aphasia Quotient score in patients with aphasia following acute stroke.

CRE Investigator: Dr Erin Godecke

Altering the Rehabilitation Environment to Improve Stroke Survivor Activity (AREISSA):
A Phase II Trial

CRE Investigator: Dr Heidi Janssen

ArMM (Arm Movement Measure)

ArMM is a new portable device with the ability to measure the motor control of the arm and hand.

CRE Investigator: Prof Paulette van Vliet

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