This paper systematically reviewed the evidence to determine energy expenditure (EE) in VO2ml/kg/min and energy cost (EC) in VO2 ml/kg/m during walking post-stroke and how it compares to healthy controls.

After screening the full text of 144 potentially eligible studies, the authors included 29 studies (501 stroke survivors, 123 healthy controls), including participants with confirmed stroke and a measure of volume of oxygen uptake (VO2) during walking using breath-by-breath analysis. Studies with (9 studies) and without (20 studies) a healthy control group were included.

The researchers concluded that stroke survivors expend more energy during walking than healthy controls. Low intensity exercise as described in guidelines might be at a moderate intensity level for stroke survivors and there is a need for stroke specific exercise guidelines.

Authors: Sharon Flora Kramer, Liam Johnson, Julie Bernhardt, Toby Cumming. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2015.11.007

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