Congratulations to the CRE PhD students and postdocs who presented at the inaugural Five minute research snapshot competition on 9 September 2016. The presentations were entertaining, thought-provoking and interesting. Judges Erin Godecke and Michael Pollack found it too close to call, so our statistical expert Nadine Andrew provided an unbiased methodological approach to decide the winner. Sharon Kramer took out the top prize of $500 and the People’s Choice award.

The winners were:

Succinct Communication Excellence Award – Sharon Kramer 

Outstanding Newcomer Award – Milanka Visser

Presentation Skills Excellence Award – Kate Hayward

People’s Choice (Clap-o-meter) Award – Sharon Kramer 

The topics presented were:

  • Assessing chronic stress in stroke patients using hair cortisol, Lin Ong, HMRI
  • Measuring participation after stroke, Tamara Tse, The Florey
  • No bones about it, we must develop interventions to reduce fracture risk after stroke, Karen Borschmann, The Florey
  • Making sense of implementation theories and frameworks for stroke rehabilitation researchers. Liz Lynch, The Florey and University of Adelaide
  • Sensor-based assistive technology to aid arm recovery in stroke and its effectiveness: A Systematic Review. Aneel Kumar Maheshwari, University of Newcastle
  • Exercise and stroke: is some better than none? Margy Galloway, University of Newcastle
  • Neurological Physical Environments: a forgotten medium for brain recovery. Michelle Shannon, The Florey
  • Growth hormone testing after stroke. Tom Lillicrap, HMRI
  • Severe arm impairment after stroke: Building a neurobiological basis for recovery. Kate Hayward, University of British Columbia & The Florey
  • Structural and functional connectivity in stroke survivors with post-stroke fatigue. Milanka Visser, HMRI
  • Determining the maximum safe dose of fitness training in the first weeks post-stroke. Sharon Kramer, The Florey