Sharing learning about the most effective approaches to implementing new knowledge will be an important work stream of the CRE. Researchers will be encouraged to develop translation plans for their research early on in a project. Early planning is critical as it will enable amalgamation of knowledge created by different disciplines, key factors and interest groups.

We will work on adapting interventions and testing their delivery to regional and remote stroke patients using telehealth approaches. Telehealth for upskilling and educating clinicians will also be undertaken.

To enhance the uptake of new evidence based interventions the areas that will be considered are:

  • the views of end-users including barriers and facilitators to implementation and sustainability of the interventions
  • the needs of intervention target groups to achieve maximal reach and
  • the range of settings in which the interventions can be applied.

Effective evidence translation products, tools and strategies will be developed to ensure successful implementation of new evidence for stroke rehabilitation.

Established means for disseminating research will be used such as journal publications, presentations at international and national conferences, media interviews, lectures, social media and a web presence.

Dominique Cadilhac and Sandy Middleton will oversee the research in this stream.