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Occasional recordings (podcasts) about our research can be found below.

Professor Julie Bernhardt discussed early rehabilitation after stroke with Dr Norman Swan on the ABC’s Health Report.

Health Report 29 July 2019


Associate Professor Steven Faux was part of a panel that discussed travel after stroke on the Enable Me podcasts – Episode 19.

Click the link below to listen:

Travel after stroke


Venesha Rethnam, a PhD student at The Florey, was interviewed about improving clinical decision making after stroke.

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PhD candidate Venesha Rethnam spoke on her research into an alternative way of measuring disability after stroke that does incorporate quality of life: the utility-weighted modified Rankin Scale.

Click the link below to listen:

Measuring disability after stroke


Translating research into practice is the topic of Dr Karen Borschmann’s podcast.

Click the link below to listen:

Translating research into practice


Dr Karen Borschmann speaks about her research on bones and blood sugar after stroke.

Click the link below to listen:

Bones & blood sugar after stroke


Prof Julie Bernhardt, AM, gives her insights on what makes a good mentor and supporting women in science.

Click the link below to listen:

What makes a good mentor and supporting women in science


As part of The Florey’s Scientists of Stroke podcast series Michelle Shannon, a PhD student at The Florey, was interviewed about environment enrichment.

Click the link below to listen:

Environment enrichment


Lilian Carvalho, a PhD candidate, spoke about her research on upright postures in acute stroke.

Click the link below to listen:

Upright postures in acute stroke


Prof Julie Bernhardt, Director of our CRE, recently recorded a podcast for the Stroke Foundation, together with stroke survivor Nadia Moffatt, who had two strokes when she was a teenager and is now a member of the Stroke Foundation’s Consumer Council; and physiotherapist Carol Pham, from StrokeLine. Nadia also participated in the CRE’s stroke research consumer forum in October 2017.

Click the link below to listen:

Long-term recovery after stroke


Ruby Lipson-Smith is pursuing a PhD at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. She has a background in Psychology and Neuroscience, and a longstanding interest in architecture, which she is now beginning to incorporate into her research. Ruby was interviewed for the ‘Five Things About..’ series by Jan Chamberlain, Program Manager, CRE in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery.

Click the link below to listen:

5 Things About Stroke Rehab Environments

The Florey YouTube Channel

At The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health YouTube channel you will find just a sample of our many amazing lectures and interviews with Florey scientists including those researching stroke. Visit The Florey YouTube channel.

HMRI YouTube channel

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Through HMRI, more than 1,300 clinical, biomedical, clinical and public health researchers and support staff from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Local Health District are working to prevent, cure and treat a diverse range of serious illnesses by translating research findings made in the lab into real health treatments and preventative strategies for the community. Visit the HMRI YouTube channel.