Erin Godecke, Kathryn Hayward and Andrew Bivard received Stroke Foundation grants for 2016.

Erin and Kathryn received Future Leader grants. Andrew received a grant for his Morafinil in Debilitating fatigue after Stroke (MIDAS) project.

The Stroke Foundation provided more than $312,000 to eleven Australian researchers, underpinning new research and supporting future leaders in stroke.

Professor Amanda Thrift, Chair of the Stroke Foundation’s Research Advisory Committee said the new research projects had the potential to influence important change in stroke practice, policy and knowledge.

“Evidence-based research is key to helping health professionals and governments better understand stroke, and improving its care and treatment,” Professor Thrift said.

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A/Prof Erin Godecke
A/Prof Erin GodeckePostdoctoral Research Fellow in Speech Pathology | Edith Cowan University
Dr Kate Hayward
Dr Kate HaywardPostdoctoral Research Fellow | The Florey
Dr Andrew Bivard
Dr Andrew BivardEarly Career Researcher | HMRI