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10th World Stroke Congress 26-29 October 2016, Hyderabad, India

On behalf of the World Stroke Organization and the Indian Stroke Association, we warmly welcome you to the 10th World Stroke Congress (WSC) in Hyderabad, October 26-29, 2016. The history of India can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization (2500 BC). India has a rich cultural heritage and diversity in language, dress, religious [...]

European Stroke Organisation Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is my pleasure to invite you to the 2nd European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC 2016), which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 10 -12 May, 2016. ​Last year the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) took the courageous decision to establish its own stroke conference. There were strong democratic and compliance [...]

First Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Round table 2016

Stroke recovery is the new frontier in stroke medicine. Building evidence-based treatments for rehabilitation is now recognised as a major global priority and this requires a coordinated effort at national and international levels. A new international partnership of leading stroke experts has taken up the challenge of advancing the research agenda in stroke recovery and [...]

International Stroke Conference

Dates: Nursing Symposium: Feb. 16 Pre-Con Symposia: Feb. 16 Sessions: Feb. 17-19

Congratulations to Liam Johnson 2016 Endeavour Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Liam Johnson. He has been awarded a 2016 Endeavour Research Fellowship. His destination is the USA.