Reflections on the 2019 Stroke Telerehab Research Workshop and Public Forum

By Gillian Mason, 18 August 2020 (scroll down if you’d just like to read about the August 2019 Forum) It’s taken me a while – a year! - to get around to blogging about the 2019 CRE Stroke Telerehab Research forum and hasn’t there been a lot change since then?! Last August, we brought together [...]

Stroke Rehab Day at SSA 2019

This Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop on Tuesday 10 September in Canberra has been organised by the Centre of Research Excellence in Stroke Rehab and Brain Recovery and the Centre of Research Excellence in Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation. It is a pre-conference workshop for the Stroke Society of Australasia Conference in Canberra,  SSA 2019.  The theme is New [...]

Access Anywhere: Stroke Telerehabilitation Workshop and Public Forum

The Centre of Research Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery invites you to come and hear health experts exploring the ways that smart technologies can contribute to more efficient and intuitive patient-centred healthcare, rehabilitation and community participation. Access Anywhere: Stroke Telerehabilitation Workshop and Public Forum aims to provide an opportunity for like-minded researchers to work [...]

Co-production in health service research and clinical practice

On Monday 5 August, 2019 at the Caves Lecture Theatre, HMRI, Newcastle, Associate Professor David Clarke will speak about the involvement of people who engage with public health services in review, re-design and improvement. This is not a new approach, however, the adoption of co-production and co-design approaches in health service improvement and research is [...]

Person-Centred Care and Evidence Live conference

By Elizabeth Lynch Reading about person-centred care can only go so far, but after talking to researchers and seeing it in practice I understood this concept much better. The philosophy of person-centred care that was developed and tested by the team at the Centre for Person-Centred Care Research at the University of Gothenburg is that a [...]

Examining the brain mechanisms behind cognitive changes in TIA and minor stroke

By Korinne Nicolas The University of Newcastle’s Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory (FNL) has been studying cognitive decline in ageing and the factors that may contribute to and speed up this process. We know cognitive ability does change as we get older – specifically ageing effects our ability to think flexibly and come up with problem-solving strategies. [...]

Fabulous Young Stroke Research Forum

by Jan Chamberlain In November we were pleased to host a forum devoted to young stroke, where we heard the latest research and discussed the experiences of young stroke survivors.  A/Prof Sean Dukelow from the University of Calgary’s Stroke Robotics and Recovery Lab kicked off the afternoon with a talk on robotics in stroke rehabilitation. The [...]

Young Stroke Research Forum

The Centre of Research Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery invites you to a stimulating afternoon of conversations about living with stroke as a young person, and stroke research. The program starts with Canadian researcher Sean Dukelow speaking on: Using robotic technology to better understand and enhance stroke recovery. Sean is an Associate Professor [...]

Predicting stroke outcomes using brain images

by Dr Tina Kaffenberger Predicting outcomes early after stroke is important for guiding therapeutic decisions. Multiple predictive models have been proposed but none of them can be broadly adopted into clinical practice. Computed tomography (CT) is the most common imaging used in acute stroke. However, no comprehensive predictive model based on CT scans exists – [...]

HMRI Open Day 2018

by Gillian Mason Stroke Register Research Assistant Stroke Survivor Rachael Peak looking on as Dr Gary Crowfoot flips virtual hamburgers and facilitates a discussion on technologies in stroke rehab The performance of My Mind’s I to a full auditorium HMRI Open Day is an annual event and this year the institute opened its [...]